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Bor Productions: "Ooh La La" Night - Revue Circus

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Saturday, 01 August 2015 22:00

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Bor Productions:

"Ooh La La"

Night Revue Circus

- for ages 16 and over -

The show is dedicated to Kim Bor.

30, 31 July, 1 August 2015 Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10 pm
Margaret Island Open-air Stage

A joint production of the Open-Air Theatre and Bor Productions.

The "Ooh La La" is a captivatingly spectacular stage show, which takes the audience to the sensual world of the most chic Parisian clubs. It’s an amazing variety show, with performances by excellent dancers, as well as world-famous circus performers and acrobats. Lavish costumes, breathtaking stunts, thrilling music, moving melodies, beautiful girls, a festive Can-Can and a charming actor as Master of Ceremonies will appear on stage at this special production.

The Night Revue Circus director Steve Bor is descended from a Hungarian circus family, who as a juggler also traveled the world and since 1986 prepares successful international productions under the Bor Productions name, which he leads together with dancer-choreographer Kim Bor for cabarets, hotels, casinos and cruise ships worldwide. The acknowledged agency works together with such world class performers as the "Ooh La La" choreographer, Nathan Clarke, who was the choreographer for the BBC television show, The Voice,  the closing performances of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the Take That Band’s Progress Tour.

The "Ooh La La" is a night revue show for adults, a sensual circus-theatre, as has not yet been seen in Budapest. It is a must-see attraction during the hot summer nights for ages 16 years or older.

Dance Group: Crazy Rouge (Britain's Got Talent, 2014 discovery of the year)
Acrobats: Men in Black, Suren & Karyna, Rolling Wheels, Matt & Valentina
Singer: Alexandra Peck
Hosted by: Krisztián Kolovratnik

Concept: Steve Bor & Kim Bor (1959-2015)
Choreographer: Nathan Clarke
Choregrapher Assistant: Valentina Bor

Text: Gergely Zöldi

English subtitles: Patrick Mullowney
Scenery: István Szolga, Madár, Steve Bor

Directed by Steve Bor

Produced by Teodóra Bán, Steve Bor

Bor Productions

Bor Productions is a production agency founded in 1986 by Steve and Kim Bor, which creates spectacular live shows for cabarets, hotels, casinos, and cruise ships around the world.

Steve Bor (István Bor) is the descendant of an old Hungarian circus family. His parents were acrobats at a famous traveling circus the Gazdag Circus before World War II. Following in his father’s footsteps, Steve already traveled the world with his juggling act as a child.  He performed in places such as the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas, the Folies Bergère in Paris, the London Palladium, the Sun City Hotel & Casino in South Africa and the Conrad Jupiters in Australia.

Kim Bor (1959-2015), dancer-choreographer and lead dancer earned her degree at one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the United Kingdom the Laine Theatre Arts.  During her dance career, she has worked with such choreographers as Dougie Squires, Alan Harding and Arlene Phillips.

The Bor Productions family production company’s creative team has conjured magic onto the world’s stages for three decades. Their internationally successful productions’ aim is carefree fun while keeping in mind artistic sensitivity and quality. Constantly looking for new ways to create one sensational show after another, their goal is to stand out over and over again and surpass the viewers’ expectations.


Matt & Valentina – a skating duo from The United Kingdom
Both coming from a professional dance background they have performed all around the world. With the Hungarian circus heritage of Valentina's father Steve Bor, they began training and developing a roller skating act at the Hungarian State Circus School in October 2014.
This special limited season run of Ooh La La at Margaret Island marks the premier performance of their full act "El Tango de Roxanne" having performed their debut in Dubai earlier this year.
They would like to thank Valentina's dad for all the help and support to make this act and also to dedicate these performances to Valentina's late mum Kim.

Rolling Wheel – Hungarian Rhoenrad duo
Zsófi Németh and Feri Nagy finished the Hungarian State Circus School in 2008.
They integrate acrobatic elemets to their wheel act in a very unique way.
They have performed all around the world but a very long time ago in Hungary.

Men in Black – Ukrainian acrobatic group
Group "Men in Black" is a four acrobats - Dmytro, Yevhen, Sergii and Dmytro. They show strength, agility and endurance by performing their tricks. They have worked in the different circuses of Europe: "Knie" (Swiss), "Roncalli" (Germany), "Ahoy" (Holland), etc.  Also they are the finalists of TV-shows "Tu Si Que Vales" (Spain) and "Ukraine's Got Talent".

Suren & Karyna – an aerial dance couple originally from Russia and Ukraine
At the moment based in Switzerland as a contemporary physical artists. They have been performing all over the world with a different projects. Last few years mainly in "Cirque du soleil", and "RIGOLO" swiss Nouveau Cirque.
In they performances they combine strong technique skills with dance, to make they performance smooth and dynamic.


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