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LIVE CLEAN! Drug Free World Day Gala Concert

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Friday, 26 June 2015 20:00

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Drug Free World Day Gala Concert


26 June 2015 (Friday) 8 pm
 Margaret Island Open-air Stage

 500-1500 Ft. registration tickets available

The first all day event and gala concert on Drug Free World Day aims to start a tradition of  society coming together and thinking responsibly by raising awareness against drug abuse with participation by Hungarian celebrities, athletes and public figures.

Based on a decision by the UN General Assembly in 1987, the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking has been held on June 26 since 1988. The Open-Air Theatre and Budapest Festival and the Tourist Center, joined by professional organizations, have started a movement following the international model to launch a united social collaboration, which aims to curb drug abuse and to promote drug abuse prevention in Hungary.

The musicians at the evening gala concert will perform their own hits, as well as songs by musicians who died due to drug addiction at the peak of their careers, at the Margaret Island main stage.

Margaret Island
Gigi Radics
Gergő Oláh
Tibor Kocsis
Gábor Biga Heincz
Bye Alex
Group ' n ' Swing

Special Guest: Ron Carter, the Grammy award-winning jazz double-bassist, with the Ron Carter Quartet

Organizational sponsors:
The Ministry of Human Resources
Municipal Offices of Budapest

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Ron Carter

Ron Carter, among jazz bassists means pretty much the same as the Mercedes-Benz among automobiles: he is one of the finest jazz bassists active today with an extensive history. The kings of jazz bassists are not only Miles Davis, Joe Henderson or Herbie Hancock, but with his virtually unprecedented more than 2000 recordings, he stands close to the entire history of jazz. This pretty much means that you would have to look very hard to find a jazz recording in the past 50 years where Ron Quarter was not the bassist. In addition, he is an acclaimed composer and two-time Grammy Award winner.  His coming to Europe in itself is a sensation.

The Ron Carter Quartet was invited to Margaret Island within the framework of the 2015 European Foursight Tour.

Ron Carter, bass
Renee Rosnes, piano
Payton Crossley, drums
Rolando Matos, percussion


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