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Tim Rice-Andrew Lloyd Webber: Jesus Christ Superstar - musical

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Sunday, 19 July 2015 21:00

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Tim Rice-Andrew Lloyd Webber:

Jesus Christ Superstar

Translated by Tibor Miklós

17, 19 July 2015 Friday, Sunday 9 pm
Margaret Island Open-air Stage

(2 and a half hours, one intermission)

A performance by the National Theatre of Győr, courtesy of The Really Useful Group Ltd.,
and through the Hartai Music Agency.

Incredible as it sounds; Andrew Lloyd Webber was only twenty-two years old when, in 1970, the Palace Theatre presented his second rock opera which he co-wrote with the four years his elder and with a somewhat more serious professional background, Tim Rice. Jesus Christ Superstar was immediately a huge success, and following the world premiere in London it was staged in almost all countries. When the creators were asked about the choice of the musical’s theme, they had a very easy explanation. As they put it, they thought that the biblical account was a "great" story. In addition to the music, the work features the world's best-known story not in the usual way, but from the perspective of Judas.


Jesus: György Szomor
Judas: Peter Sándor
Mary Magdalene: Annamária Baranyai/Anita Mózes
Pilate: Balázs Nagy/Attila Fejszés
Herod: Péter Forgács
Caiaphas: István Rácz
Annas: Péter Klinga/György Hanczár
Peter: Attila Mohácsi
Simon: Erik Molnár/Péter Klinga
Andrew: József Szikra
Thomas: Andrew Jáger
Matthew: Zoltán Venczel-Kovács
James: Attila Bodrogi
John: Péter Gábor Vincze
Philipp: Ákos Fehér
Bartholomew: Attila Fejszés/Péter Pál Szűcs
Thaddeus: Tamás Török
James the Greater: László Pintér
1. priest: Balázs Cselepák
2. priest: Norbert Bródy
3. priest: Attila Pörnetczi
Angels: Tünde Kiss/Beatrix Lázin/Zsazsa Réthy

Featuring the Orchestra, Choir and Dance Ensemble of the National Theatre of Győr

Set Design: György Bátonyi
Costumes: Hajnal Tordai

Prompter: Anita Jakab
Stage Manager: Szilveszter Karácsony

Repetiteur: Szabolcs Medveczky
Chorus Master: Eszter Balogh
Choreographer: Gergely Csanád Kováts
Assistant Director: Mária Horváth

Conductor: Istvan Silló, Géza Köteles

Director: Péter Forgács


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