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Ripoff Raskolnikov Band (Jazzy Tower)

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Saturday, 25 June 2016 20:00

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Ripoff Raskolnikov Band:

Odds and Ends
Jazzy Tower-concert

Saturday the 25th of June 2016, 8 pm
Margit Island Water Tower

A one of a kind diversity makes Ripoff Raskolnikov stand out in the contemporary European music scene. He remains true to the Afro-american music tradition while being powerfully influenced by Central Europe’s soundscape. Ripoff could be most accurately placed in the lineage marked by Tom Waits and Bob Dylan: his songs are pure and simple, yet still summon a particular atmosphere. At the distinct venue of the Margit Island Water Tower’s yard we can listen to his newest album, a fusion of various genres.
The members of the band: Ripoff Raskolnikov (vocals, guitar, mandolin, piano), Szabolcs Nagy (piano), Laca Varga (bass), Lajos Gyenge (drums).

The programme ticket includes boat transfer, a welcome drink, the concert, and a visit to the Water Tower.

Time-table of the Jazzy-boat ride. Start: Vigadó Square, Dock 5. (6:45pm), Batthyány Square, Dock 1. (6:55pm), Szent István Park, Dock 1. (7:05pm), Open-air Theatre and Water Tower (arrival, 7:20pm). Return trip: Open-air Theatre and Water Tower (10:30pm), Szent István Park, Dock 1. (10:45pm), Batthyány Square, Dock 1. (10:55pm), Vigadó Square, Dock 5. (11:05pm)


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Saturday, June 25 2016 8 pm | Margaret Island Buy tickets for this event

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