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DOCTOR ZHIVAGO a new musical

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Friday, 30 June 2017 21:00

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a new musical

In Hungarian with English subtitles

Based on the novel by Boris Pasternak

Book by Michael Weller, Music by Luci Simon
Lyrics by Michael Korie and Amy Powers


30 June and 2 July 2017 (Friday and Sunday), 9 pm
Margaret Island Open-Air Stage

(170 minutes with 1 intermission)

This epic musical is based in the 1957 Nobel Prize-winning Boris Pasternak novel and the 1965 Acedemy Award-winning film.

The recently created musical Dr. Zhivago has finally made its way to Hungary! Based on the novel by Nobel Prize Laureate Boris Pasternak, Dr. Zhivago unfolds a tale in the turmoil of the First World War and the Russian Revolution. In summer 2017, the audience will be in for the musical’s very first open air premiere – a show full of passion, heart-breaking tales and destinies and an iconic stage set.

Pasternak’s masterpiece published in 1957 is about far more than a love triangle. Reworking Russian history from 1903 to 1929 and the events of the years of war, it raises a set of complex issues. Critically acclaimed from a very early stage on, the novel was awarded the Nobel Prize. After a Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning motion picture, Lucy Simon, Michael Korie, Amy Powers and Michael Weller have recently turned the material into a musical - one that has been picked up a great deal by theatres throughout America and Western Europe before making it to Hungary.

Presented by Open Air Theatre in collaboration with the Győr National Theatre

In lead roles:

Yurii Zhivago: Zoltán Miller / Attila Fejszés
Lara: Zsófia Kisfaludy / Angelika Tóth
Tonia Gromeko: Wégner Judit / Kecskés Tímea
PAsHa Antipov / Strelnikov: Balázs Nagy
ViKtor KomarovskY: Péter Forgács
Alex Gromeko, tonia’s father: Gábor Péter Vincze
Anna, Tonia’s mother: Eszter Bellai
Young Yurii / Sasha: Zoltán Tóth / László Tóth
Young Tonia: Blanka Mezei / Boróka Iványi
Young Lara / Katarina: Éda Hanna Dányi / Zsófia Putz
Markel, Their servant: Károly Rupnik
Gints: Erik Molnár

Featuring: Chorus, Orchestra and Ballet of Győr National Theater

Libretto: Based on the Novel of Boris Pasternak written by Michael Weller
Lyricists: Michael Korie and Amy Powers
Composer: Lucy Simon
Hungarian Lyrics: Ágnes Romhányi

Scenic Design: György Bátonyi
Costume design: Hajnal Tordai
Chorus director: Eszter Balogh
Coreographer: Gergely Csanád Kováts

Conductor: Szabolcs Medveczky
Director: Péter Forgács


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