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Magic Night - The Great Illusionist Show

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Saturday, 13 August 2016 22:00

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Magic Night 
The Great Illusionist Show


Above 18 only!

Friday and Saturday, the 12th and 13th of August 2016, 10pm

Margaret Island Open-air Stage

Where the impossible is possible!

This summer on the Margaret Island Open-air Stage we are awaiting our audiences with a super-spectacular Magic Show, conceived under the signs of illusion and magic! World famous illusionists will take to the stage accompanied by beautiful girls and a charming host, to enchant spectators with this tour de force of breathtaking stunts.

The masters of illusionism will guide us into the world of magic and mirage. Europe’s youngest, yet already world-renowned classical illusionist, Vincent Vignaud (FR) will dare the path between life and death in multiple ways. 2015 Merlin-prize winner David Climent (E) will enchant audiences with his Mediterranean fierceness as well as with his laser show-infused magical feats. Christian Farla (NL) is one of the few illusionists/magicians who are specialized in mega-illusions. He won the Merlin-prize in 2006 and 2009. Apart from international stars, the show will also feature one of the greatest Hungarian magicians, Dávid Nagy Molnár (H) with his classical performance.

Be part of the miracle!

An Open-Air Theatre production.


Vincent Vignaud

„Reality is just an Illusion so come with me, close your eyes and Dream..." – Vincent Vignaud

Born in 1983, Vincent VIGNAUD is today one of the World youngest Illusionist presenting such a big range of Big scale Illusions in shows all over the world.
At the age of 7, in his native city of France, he first started learning juggling at the Circus school and made his debut as a performer at the age of 9. Even at a very young age, his fascination with Illusionism caused him to experiment with magic tricks. He started his professional career at the age of 18, first as a juggler performing around Europe in various circus, dinner shows and casinos before starting working as an Illusionist at the age of 23.

Vincent is first part of Production Shows before having the opportunity in 2012 to create his first own Magic Show called "DREAM" for a big client in Asia. It is then the big New beginning of his career as World class Illusionist but also as Show creator. His is always adding to his shows, strong dance ballet, modern choreography, special effects and a story line which make his shows unique and very different than the others.

He performed all over Europe (Casinos, Theaters, Dinner Shows, Circus, Theme parc, Festivals...) and very often in Asia too due to popular demand. 

Today Vincent has more than 25 different Big Illusions in his repertoire and always create and imagine new effects to amaze his audience "

David Clement

Born in England, near Liverpool in 1980, David Climent, holds both british and spanish nationality and currently performs in the Benidron Palace and in the Benidrom Circus as an illusionist, Laserman and presenter.
Over the years he has developed his artstic skills on stages such at the Benidorm Palace, Teatro Circo af Albacete in the VII Int. circus festival, where he played the role of Monsieur Loyal, the XV International circus festival "CITTA DI LATINA" presenting his laserman act under the name of SPANISH XTREME LASER, and in various gala events around Europe including the Hillton Barcelona or the 24H, one of the top nightspots in Rome.
David Climent was recente awarded with the prestigious Merlin Award for "BEST STAGE MAGICIAN" 2015 by the IMS (International Magicians Society), an award that was presented at the Benidorm Palace on June the 5th by Tony Hassini, chairman and CEO of the IMS. This award is considered the highest recognition in the world of magic, with names such as David Copperfield, Chris Angel, Penn & Teller or Doug Henning as past receipients of the Merlin award.

Fluent in english, spanish and french, David Climent provides a cutting edge, modern and lightning fast performance everytime he steps foot on stage, providing the public the WOW factor the are aiming to see.

David Nagy Molnar

David Nagy Molnar has been a performer of international rank and fame for decades now. After spending years at Hungary’s most significant entertainment spots, he’s worked at luxury cruise ships for 10 years. He’s finished several international contests with excellent results, has won the gran prix 4 times at the Magician Congress, including in Monte Carlo, where has won the 2nd prize at the World Championship. He’s an artist with Ward for Excellence, a colorful personality born to be on stage. His appearance and temperament ensure a performance of world class quality, not only in general magic shows on stage, but also in the area of manipulation, big illusions and mental.

Christian Farla

Christian Farla is one of the few illusionists/magicians who are specialized in mega-illusions. He won the Merlin-prize in 2006 and 2009.

Farla was born in Rotterdam in 1970. When he was 8 years old, he began performing magic at birthday parties of his schoolmates. When he was 12, he won the Dutch Junior Championships for stage magic and decided to become an illusionist. During school holidays, he traveled with the circus and learned about performing for large audiences. In 1992, he met his future partner and magic assistant, Bianca, who was performing as a dancer in a same show he was performing in.

In 1993, 1999 and 2001, the magic duo won the first prize in the Dutch Magic Championships. After more than 2000 shows in Studio 21 and The Efteling in 2003 and 2004, the duo was invited in Las Vegas. David Copperfield was blown away by Farla's act and the two become friends. This resulted in the exchange of magic acts like the Drill of Death and Steelplate, where one of Christian's assistants seems to be floating through a plate of steel.

After all the success, Farla started his first tour with a grand scale 2-hour illusion show through Holland in 2006.


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