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The passionate singer – a real Don Giovanni on Margaret Island

Friday, 26 January 2018 07:34

The passionate and sensual performer, the star soloist of the international opera scene, Erwin Schrott will visit the Margaret Island Open-Air Theatre on 15 July 2018 with a unique and personal gala night to charm the audience – not just the ladies – with a unique combination of the opera world’s best known melodies and full-blooded tango tunes.

Uruguay’s most marketable icon, the 45-years old Erwin Schrott is celebrated as the Marlon Brando of the contemporary opera scene who has become one of the most colorful performers of the international stage with his charismatic stage personality, his magical voice and charming appearance. It’s no surprise that the title role of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, whom he had performed on numerous occasions, is one of his most beloved characters. By now he has learnt everything there is to now about this passionate predator, he has mastered every movement of this powerful character, he makes the stage explode with his honest and incredibly energetic performances. "He has brought and incredibly complex figure to Budapest, communicating a strong concoction of the passion for women with the need to conquer with his every whim" – this was written about him in 2010 when he performed his emblematic role on the stage of the Erkel Ferenc Theatre.

At first sight, Schrott isn’t your typical opera singer, he is rather like a smiling, heavily-tattooed giant. He started taking opera stages by storm in 1998, when he won the audience prize of the Operalia contest under the supervision of Placido Domingo. From this point onwards, he conquered all the opera stages from the Scala of Milano to the Metropolitan of New York through the opera houses of Vienna, Paris, Washington, Buenos Aires, London, Los Angeles, Brussels, Germany and Italy. He lived and collaborated with the legendary star soprano Anna Netrebkov, their son Tiago Aruã was born in 2008. Tiago started to speak relatively late, at the age of four, he was diagnosed with low-spectrum autism. The heavy workload and schedule of the star couple had taken a toll on their family life, they separated amicably. Erwin Schrott also regularly performs with his own orchestra and while he has never learned conducting formally, it seems he had learnt a few tricks from the greatest. His Facebook page has over 47 followers at the moment and his fans can learn about his latest roles from his cover photo changes.

The super production of the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage will commence on 15 July 2018. For his concert From Opera to Tango, Erwin will arrive from the French stage of Chorégie d’Orange where he is currently manipulating souls as Mephisto, but in Budapest, he will use his spells on the audience of this magical evening.

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