Budapest Summer Festival

A Wizard on Margaret Island

Friday, 26 January 2018 07:47

The kid from Detroit, a DJ-composer and producer with reserved elegance, but a passion fueled by idealism has taken Europe and the rest of the world by storm with his unique and grandiose works combining electronic and classical music. Our guests can meet The Wizard of techno on the Margaret Island Open-Air Theatre, where he will perform his Planets performance together with the Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda.

Mills was there in Detroit in the '80s at the birth of the genre. He and his band, the Underground Resistance, went against the commercial music industry, even their black uniforms signaled that they were there on a mission: they want to lend more content to genre defined by superficiality. This was one of Mills’ driving forces in combining techno with classical music. The magic eventually happened: in 2006, he and the Montpellier Symphonic debuted their epic techno concert Blue Potential. He is a very dedicated and focused artist, who uses his intuition and concentration as tools, knowing the exact role of every single note and its role in creating the desired effect. His silent character has something of the idealism of great world changers, so it’s no surprises that mystery and meditation always get a central role in his concerts. He pairs up techno with tribal music ripped out from private time and actionism isn’t far away from him either, as he knows he is in the possession of a cocktail, which is filled to the brim with power and his intense, emotional music can be used for communicating political ideals as well. Mills is deeply interest in the public life and politics, the unnerving developments of the world and how he could utilize his music to change where this world is going in a positive direction.

His appearance is characterized by designer minimalism and clarity, the same words we can use to describe his music. In his trailers we can see him as an ethereal artist, a creator with a capital C behind his mixing boards, sequences, drum machines and other high-tech gadgets, in front of the white background representing nothing (or everything) and the result is soulful music with a sophisticated sound whose every movement will make the audience between 8 and 80 move at the same time to get in touch with the Universe.

On 13 July 2018, he will bring the pulsating energy and futuristic rumble and harmonies of the Universe onto the Margaret Island. Accompanied by his conductor Christophe Mangou leading the musicians of the Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda, the wizard of techno behind his mixing board will visualize the elementary and powerful underscore of the universe under the stars and set the audience free into infinity.

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