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Superheroes, hobbits and stars are battling on Margaret Island

Monday, 29 January 2018 09:16

Film music concerts have become a tradition on the Budapest Summer Festival, where the 80-year old Open-Air Theatre gets transformed into one of the country's most beautiful movie theatres. The series continues with its latest, possibly most epic instalment with the Film Music Fantasy concert show as Nic Raine and the Budapest Symphony Orchestra present the most popular pieces of film scoring.

It’s very to single out only one feature of this year’s program as the entire line-up has been organized around films and scores that generations have grown up on. The common theme is the world of fantasy which includes DC and Marvel superheroes, traditional fantasy films and series, plus the most popular science fiction franchises – all competing for the audience’s attention.

DC or Marvel? Marvel or DC? It’s a hard choice to make, so listeners are given a chance to make the decision at the concert. The DC team will be represented by Superman and Batman with John Williams’ epic march closely followed by Danny Elfman’s nocturnal tunes for the Batman’s battle with Joker. Team Marvel will gets its support by Captain America and his patriotic march in a battle against Hydra.

Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings? Regardless of whichever franchise you grew up with, the magical musical experience is guaranteed. John Williams’ Hedwig’s theme uses only a few notes to open up the gates of Hogwarts, making you relieve all the excitement of seven books and eight films. From The Lord of the Rings franchise, two scores have gotten the Best Original Score Academy Award – but will this be enough for the hobbits to defeat Harry Potter?

The selection must also naturally include two of the most popular space franchises with Star Wars battling Star Trek. Since Star Wars makes an appearance on almost every Hungarian film music concert, we’ve decided to include something special for the fans and besides the "usual" main theme, all three of the trilogies will be represented by their themes. Star Trek may have last made an appearance in concert when Jerry Goldsmith conducted them during his Budapest concert in 1999 – who knows how long we must wait for the next occasion?

The three main blocks of superheroes, fantasy and space heroes will be supplemented by other popular characters, including the damned princes and princesses of Westeros from Game of Thrones, or the strongest hero of the Hyborian Age, Conan the Barbarian. As usual, we’ll also have a surprise encore.

Film Music Fantasy is an original production of the Open-Air Theatre with a premiere on 17 August 2018 with Nic Raine conducting the musicians of the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

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