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Dear reader, welcome guest!

For the past twelve years, I’ve been the Director of the Open-Air Theatre’s Budapest Summer Festival. When I applied for the position back then, it was to fulfill a dream. I wanted the summer theatres on Margaret Island and the Városmajor to become community places where everyone could enjoy themselves, venues that spanned all age groups and enthusiasts of various genres, and appealed to both foreign and domestic audiences alike.

I wanted the stage on Margaret Island to shine as brilliantly as it did in its heyday; to create new value night after night; for the arts and the freedom of the open air to captivate everyone. I wanted to make people realize: it’s possible to be innovative by maintaining traditions.

All that we have accomplished would not have been possible without the trust and support of the municipal management. Thus, a Festival came into being that has linked to international trends for years.

Commensurate to the success attained thus far, our theatre aims to also strengthen its position internationally with the quality of its cultural content, the preservation and creation of value as well as its tourist services. One of the nicest stages in Central and Eastern Europe, the main stage on Margaret Island has recently become suitable to take its place among the summer theaters of Salzburg, Verona, Bayreuth, Klagenfurt and Mörbisch. We invited even more acclaimed Hungarian and international stars next year, the best in every category. 2016 will be the year of romance at the Budapest Summer Festival. We hope that our guests will have as great a pleasure in participating in the Festival programs as the care and love with which we chose and assembled them, so that we could present them to you as a gift.

The Budapest Summer Festival opens on June 10th with the opening concert of the National Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Chinese pianist Yuja Wang, and conducted by Zoltán Kocsis. The two Verdi opera presentations and the opera gala world premier offer classical movie lovers a true delicacy. A new production of Traviata by Ferenc Anger will be performed on June 24th and 26th with Erika Miklósa and Italian tenor Giuseppe Filianoti in the leading role. The Hungarian State Opera Orchestra and chorus will be conducted by Domonkos Héja. The open-air performances of Othello can be viewed on July 29 and 31 with Andrea Rost in the role of Desdemona, and American tenor, Marc Heller in the title role. The Opera’s orchestra will be led by internationally acclaimed conductor Gergely Madaras. The anticipated sensation, Three tenors on Margaret Island opera gala will be performed on July 22nd. The popular concert-show tradition was renewed at its world premiere by three young star tenors who have already proven themselves on international stages. American James Valenti and French Sébastien Guéze vie for the audience’s favor with the most romantic melodies in opera literature in cooperation with the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Péter HalászEvita, the world classic Webber musical, which brings to life the legendary Eva Peron awaits musical lovers on July 8th and 10th. Following the highly successful guest appearance with Hamlet, and linked to the 2016 Shakespeare year, the London Shakespeare’s Globe will revisit Margaret Island this time with a performance of the Two Gentlemen of Verona. Romeo and Juliet, the playwright’s most beautiful love story, can be seen in a performance by Europe’s preeminent classical ballet company’s the Monte Carlo Ballet on August 5th. The excellent company will perform director Jean-Christophe Maillot’s choreography to Prokofiev’s music. A Stacey Kent concert will delight fans of jazz and easy listening music on June 12th. The American jazz diva returns to Budapest with a big band line-up to thrill the audience with romantic melodies.

At Városmajor, we succeeded in building and elevating the quality of regional and cross-border theatre by selecting the most entertaining performances in the Theatrical Showcase. In addition, we await families with numerous presentations, classical and world music concerts, as well as children’s theatre.

In addition to the productions, the Festival will again offer numerous special features in 2016: Sleep in Budapest complete tourist package, theater boat service at its private dock, services at Margit Terrace restaurant, and new 5 star packages available at VIP-terrace and IBUSZ offices. The organizers will not raise ticket prices and are planning several advanced-ticket purchase campaigns. It is worth following the theater’s website, newsletters and Facebook page.

A festival was created, which exceeds theater: it’s an experience and cultural adventure.

Come to Margaret Island with the theatre’s boat service and admire the panorama of Budapest from the newly renovated Water Tower, view our exhibits, unwind in a pleasant environment and friendly company at our jazz concerts, experience intense emotions at our performances.

Be our guest!

I wish you a rich and meaningful relaxation.

Teodóra Bán
managing director and art director
Open-Air Theatre Non-profit Ltd.

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