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Dear guests,

The 106-year-old Water Tower monument, standing in the courtyard of the Open-Air Theatre, is one of Budapest’s emblematic structures, towering over the natural wonders of Margaret Island, the green heart of the big city. Possessing an original beauty, its power to attract tourists has only grown. Now, as the site of special programs and events in the Budapest Summer Festival, as well as the subject of an independent exhibit (which can be viewed all summer), it truly is a cultural focal point in the life of the capital.

Take in the 360° panorama from the Water Tower’s parapet and enjoy the sight of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. “On the way”, view our exhibit of Margaret Island’s cultural history, made up of documents from the collection of György Jaksics. It provides a glimpse into the past of Budapest’s favourite public park in terms of its history, community life and sporting events.

Participate in Margaret Island’s literary strolls as part of the commemorative year for János Arany, Hungary’s celebrated poet. At night, you can take the theatre’s boat transfer to visit the city’s most atmospheric concert venue, where the best Hungarian jazz ensembles appear in our Jazzy Tower concert series in the Water Tower courtyard. Every day of the week, our refreshing terrace and the Margaret Terrace Restaurant await you with their offers.

Let us discover together Margaret Island’s unparalleled beauties. With our programs, I wish you unforgettable summer experiences. Enjoy them with us this year, too!

Teodóra Bán

Open-Air Theatre Non-profit Ltd.

managing director


LIFE – WATER – SPORT – Power on Margaret Island

Historical exhibition from the legacy of György Jaksics 

In the Water Tower’s imposing, 106-year-old structure, we host a display of local history, featuring unique documents from the thousand-item legacy of collector György Jaksics. As a gardener, he grew to know and love Margaret Island’s incomparable virtues, both natural and man-made. 

In connection with the FINA (International Swimming Federation) World Championship to be held in Budapest in July, the exhibited material focuses on water, (water) sports and the cultural events of Margaret Island’s past. This richly illustrated history of public life captures the past two centuries in the justly beloved “park for all”, located in the heart of the capital. Margaret Island’s bygone sporting life is revived through the old postcards, bathing passes, medicinal water catalogues, hotel guest books, maps, articles, contemporary news items, photo reports, memorial plaques, medals, placards, caricatures, stamps, steamboat tickets, membership cards, invitations and other relics – a colourful chronicle of its vivid cultural history. 

The items on display were assembled from documents found in the legacy of collector György Jaksics on the basis of his book Greetings from the Island of Saint Margaret! 

Curator: Mariann Sipőcz

Expert consultant: István Steffanits

Technical preparations: István Záhonyi

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