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Dear Visitor, Dear Guest,

I would like to introduce and recommend you to a sight in Budapest, which is old and new at the same time, Margaret Island Water Tower lookout and exhibition hall.
The 105 year-old Water Tower is an industrial monument of Budapest, which is situated on Margaret Island, one of the most beautiful islands of the Danube. The historic Water Tower is a spectacular attraction of the Margaret Island, rising above the crowns of the massive trees in the court of the Open-Air Theatre.
On 14 June 2013 the famous landmark reopened to the public with new exhibitions.
The Water Tower has lost its previous function, which was to provide for the water supply of Margaret Island. With its significant size, it still dominates the neighbourhood. Besides providing a 360° view for the visitors, from now on, the Water Tower is also a special exhibition hall during the Visual Art Exhibitions, which are unique in the country.

Have you ever seen Budapest’s peculiar panorama from a bird’s-eye view?

Why do I love and recommend you the Margaret Island Water Tower?
- it is the oldest and largest water tower in the country
- the 105 year-old Margaret Island Water Tower Lookout is one of a special attraction in Budapest and the first visual exhibition hall of Hungary
- 360 degrees panorama dome hall, lookout point, amazing view
- unmatched Art Nouveau curved staircase
- photo exhibitions of contemporary artists seven days a week
- on hot Saturday nights concerts in the court of the Water Tower: folk, jazz, soul, swing

The summer theatre with the Water Tower are both favourite cultural recreation place and destination of the locals of Budapest and the visitors and guests too.
The only permanent open-air theatre of Hungary is a unique sight in itself, which has 3,000 seats and was built right by the Water Tower.
Visitors can get to the island by a special Theater Boat Service before the theatre shows, and standard scheduled boat service 5 times a day. The visitors of the island and the audience members can enjoy the unique sights of Margaret Island, including the 105 year-old Water Tower and the nearly 80 year-old Open-Air Theatre situated in the triangle of the several hundred year-old giant Platanus tree, the Saint Margaret Ruins as well as the monument of the Premontre Monastery.

I wish you an unforgettable experience.

Teodóra BÁN
managing director & art director
Szabad Tér Színház Nonprofit Kft.
(Open-Air Theatre Nonprofit Ltd.)

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