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The History of the Margaret Island Water Tower

The history and present function of the Margaret Island Water Tower

Year of construction: 1911
Architect: Rezső Vilmos RAY
Designer, contractor: Dr. Szilárd  Zielinski

During the golden age of Secession, several extraordinary architectural pieces were made by Rezső Vilmos RAY, architect, designer, including, amongst others, the Margaret Island Water Tower.
It is a revolutionary building of Hungarian ferro-concrete building engineering. The increasing and undisturbed water supply of the island is provided for by the Water Tower. Dr. Szilárd Zielinski, professor of the Technical University was assigned to find the solution of the significant architectural challenge.

Zielinski is listed amongst the pioneers of ferro-concrete in Europe, and in Hungary, he was the only one who established this previously unknown technique. The cooperation between Rezső Vilmos RAY and Zielinski was a significant technological reform, and has an extraordinary importance in modern Hungarian architecture.

Official data of the Water Tower:

Height of the Water Tower – above ground: 57 metres,
Diameter of the basin: 13 metres,
volume: 600 m3.
Free height of the main pillars: 13.2 metres,
Individual load: 220 tons.
Height of inner concrete stairs: 24 metres,
Height of the iron stairs: 20 metres.
Height data above the level of the Danube
Top of tower: 66 metres
Lookout: 53 metres
Water level: 43 metres
Dome room (4th floor): 33 metres
Third floor balcony: 19,50 metres
Downstairs floor: 9 metres
Base: 4 metres
On the marble board, we can read that the level of the Danube is 6.68 metres above the Adriatic Sea.
Number of stairs: concrete stairs – 27 until the first floor, 47 until the second floor,
67 until the third floor, 152 until the third floor, 67, 152 until the doom room
You can go up till the forth floor of the tower, which is 33 metre high.

The construction of the Water Tower was completed by 1911. The architect could successfully implement the dual function of both the water tower and the lookout tower.

In 1977, it was listed amongst the ancient monuments of townscape rank.

From 2011, it has been operated by the Open-air Theatre.
Now that the maintenance work and all minor repairs are finished, the Water Tower, besides its lookout function, will also serve as an exhibition hall for those visiting Budapest, Margaret Island and the Budapest Summer Festival.

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