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Water Tower lookout & Visual Art Gallery on Margaret Island

The 104-year-old water tower is open to visitors until September

Exhibitions at the Margaret Island Water Tower

Visual Art Gallery - Open from June to September.

The nation's little sister - Zita Szeleczky was born a hundred years ago.

Zita Szeleczky left Hungary and the National Theatre in 1945 at the age of thirty.  She had already played Juliet, Titania, Ledér and Sata, however, with this decision she had to forsake the great classical roles forever. In South America she lent her financial support to large scale productions such as The Tragedy of Man and Bánk Bán in order to create a National Theatre. From the 1960s she toured the areas of the Western world where Hungarians resided with her one woman show.

The artist – who was born a hundred years ago – got her diploma at the Theater Academy in 1937. She started her career at the National Theater, then in 1942-43 played at the Budapest Operetta Theater, then in the beginning of 1944 at the Madách Theater. In the fall of 1944, she was again hired by the National Theater. In 1945 she fled to Austria from the war front, then in 1947, the people’s court sentenced her to three years of imprisonment for crimes against the people. In 1948 she first lived in Genoa, then she moved to Argentina (to Buenos Aires), where she first played in the German troupe of Buenos Aires. Following that, she appeared on stage at the productions of the Hungarian Theater Troupe. She established her own troupe in 1951 under the name Hungarian National Theater of Argentina. She settled down in the United States of America in 1962. She toured almost all over the world with her individual productions. She began visiting Budapest from the 1990s only, and on a few occasions she also played on stage. In 1993 the Supreme Court acquitted of the charges and provided her full rehabilitation. In 1998 she moved back home.

The exhibition was compiled from the collection of the Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institution. Curators: Mirella Csiszár, Tamás Gajdó

Monumental animals in the world’s public spaces – Installations of Gábor Miklós Szőke (photos and making-of films)

Gábor Miklós Szőke is a prominent figure in contemporary art and an internationally acclaimed sculptor. His monumental public space artwork and unique fictional world are well known and were inspired by his Doberman, Dante. He finished his studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2010. His creations are made from novel interpretations of materials, metal works and wooden strip structured, expressive spatial compositions. His animal sculptures are not only found in Budapest and other Hungarian cities, but also around the world.

The exhibition includes Szoke’s world-record artworks The Galloping Horse and the FTC Eagle, his latest international public sculptures as well as his local works.

Water Tower - courtyard – welcomes visitors from June to September.

Gábor Miklós Szőke: Guards of Dante (public sculpture at the entrance of the Open-air Theater - on exhibit until September) & Sleeping Dante (public art installation in the coutyard of the Water Tower)

In the framework of Dante Season the sculptor revealed the most exciting works of the Dante Empire, which are secured by Dante dobermanns infront of the entrance.

Puppets from heaven and hell
The 66 year old Budapest Puppet Theatre salutes the Dante year with an exhibition of creations from heaven and hell from children and adult puppet theatre performances.

Goldmark relics (3 - 12 July) – Composer Karl Goldmark was born a hundred years ago.
Documents from the Goldmark Memorial House collection in Deutschkreutz Austria.

The Open-air Theater on Margaret Island – The early days (1938-1941)
Theatre history documents from the National Theatre History Museum and Institute collection. Curators: Mirella Csiszár, Tamás Gajdó.

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