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Famous world travellers on the Margaret Island

Wednesday, 12 August 2015 09:22
The adventures of Móric Benyovszky and Marco Polo can also be seen at the Open-Air Theatre

This August, the adventures of two famous world travellers are reproduced in the form of spectacular dance shows at the Open-Air Theatre on Margaret Island. The story of the Hungarian world traveller and memorial writer Móric Benyovszky, will be presented by the Hungarian National Dance Group on 14 August to the music of the Ghymes band, while on 26-27 August, the authentic music and dances of the Hohhot Performing Arts Group from Mongolia will recall the travels of Marco Polo in China.

The dance performance titled Benyovszky by the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble (former Honvéd Dance Theater), directed by the outstanding and Kossuth-award winning artist Zoltán Zsuráfszky, takes us to a journey almost all over the world following the rough life path of the famous Hungarian traveller of the 18th century. Móric Benyovszky is said to have been known as an educated person, speaking several foreign languages and having an almost irresistible charm according to the ladies, whose thoughts and ideas proved to be quite progressive in his time. In addition to being a Hungarian hussar captain and an earl, he’s also been a Slovak landholder and a Polish patriot, then a Russian prisoner of war in Kamchatka, a French hero, and lastly the king of Madagascar.

The exclusive show will be presented by the members of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble at the Open-Air Theatre on Margaret Island on one occasion only, at 8 pm on 14 August 2015. The group’s Junior Prima-award winning István Zámbó plays the title character’s young self, while Pál Oberfrank will be in the role of the older, reminiscent Benyovszky, and Zsuzsanna Hanszky is performed by Eredics-Fekete Zsuzsanna on stage. Music is provided by the recordings of the Ghymes band. Screenwriter is Zsuzsa Vincze, stage designer is Kázmér Tóth, and composer and lyricist is Tamás Szarka.

The impressive dance show titled The adventures of Marco Polo promises to be a real specialty on 26-27 August 2015. The magnificent performance from Inner-Mongolia, in which the Mongolian culture fusions with acrobatics and theatrical magic, unfolds the story of the 13th century Venetian world traveller’s journey to China with spectacular dance scenes, authentic Mongolian music and breathtaking performances. The show has already been a great success in the United States and now arrives to Hungary as part of an international tour and is exclusively presented at the Open-Air Theatre on Margaret Island.

For more information and online booking: BENYOVSZKY and THE ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO
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