Budapest Summer Festival

Magashegyi Underground: SYMPHONIC REMIX CONCERT

Margaret Island
Thursday, 24 August 2017 20:00

Show info

Magashegyi Underground:

season finale concert

24 August 2017 (Thursday) 8 pm

Margaret Island Open-Air Stage

The popular Hungarian band Magashegyi Underground is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, after performing an overwhelming success with a symphonic orchestra last year on Városmajor Open-Air Stage. The full, expressive sounding, the reinterpretation of the well-known hits, emphasized by the stunning visuals, resulted in a tangibly intense, captivating show. This summer the familiar melodies will be echoed by the greens of Margaret Island, accompanied by an even more spectacular show, delivered especially for the occasion.

Stemming from the profound Magashegyi feeling, a brand new dramatic concept will be presented on Margaret Island Open-Air Stage. Expressed by distinctive, familiar and yet unknown Magashegyi-elements, the performance portrays the connection between the four seasons, the four elements. To make the sounding even more unique, a children’s choir is placed alongside the band and a grand symphonic orchestra. Our farewell to the summer season is expected to be a unique experience.

Presented by Open Air Theatre


Magashegyi Underground:
Bíborka Bocskor, vocal
Miklós Toldi, drums
Mátyás Szepesi, guitar
Fugato Orchestra

Talamba percussion ensemble:

László Grünvald (Lacek)
Miklós Szitha (Miki)
Tamás V.Nagy (Kopasz)
Levente Zombor (Levi)

Starring: Levente Molnár, opera singer

Producer: Pál Lombos


Founded in 2007, Magashegyi underground released its well-reviewed debut album Ezer Erdő (Thousand Forests) in 2010, forerun by the very popular single Szeplős Váll (Freckled Shoulder), containing two instant hits, Szeplős Váll and Anglia; a single of four songs Szívtakarítás (Cleaning Heart), and a collection of unreleased songs, Ezer város ((Thousand Cities) the latter two available for free download). Further releases such as Rázz fel (Shake me up) and Álmatlanság (Insomnia) became favourites of the audiences and radio stations.

A surefire success of summer festivals, university events and club concerts, the band performed three times to a full house in Müpa Budapest since 2011, re-imagining their works to symphonic orchestra, percussive beats or choir.

The vocalist of the group is Bíborka Bocskor, Máriusz Fodor is at the keyboard, Gábor Fűrész on the bass guitar, Miklós Toldi on the drums, and Mátyás Szepesi on the guitar.


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