Budapest Summer Festival

Gergely Rákász: Lords of the Organ

Városmajor Open-air Stage
Sunday, 30 July 2017 20:00

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Gergely Rákász:
Lords of the Organ
organ concert
30 July 2017 (Sunday) 8 pm
Városmajor Open-Air Stage

Hungarian organist Gergely Rákász is undertaking the Herculean effort to perform the greatest, immortal pieces of music written to this amazing instrument throughout the centuries. Lords of the Organ, a sequence of events which debuts this year at the Open Air Stage, is like a hundred crimson bookmarks in the Encyclopaedia of Eternity, marking Bach with gold each year, but also lesser-known masterpieces - embroidered with virtuoso arrangements for organ, thus elevating non-organist musicians to the ranks of the Lords.

A synonym for excellence in classical music, refreshing new insights and astounding new experiences, Gergely Rákász returns from time to time to the Open Air Stage, and brings elegance and magical sounds from the court of the King of all musical instruments.


Charles Marie Widor: Symphony No.V. (Ouverture)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor (‘Dorian’)

Cesar Franck: Chorale in A minor

Wilhelm Middelschulte: Toccata

Maurice Ravel: Bolero


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